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I am Bruna, a director  and director of photography. I am deeply rooted in Brazil, and I express myself inspired by the vibrant energy of this people and this diverse country. I am a part of it too. I am a cisgender white woman, living in São Paulo, and whenever possible, I eagerly explore the world in search of narratives that affect me. I have a passionate fascination with cultures and their unique characteristics. My utopia is to create bridges that connect these stories so that, even when separated geographically, they can find each other. In this process, I also find myself.

My academic studies were focused on Branding and Fashion. I worked for 8 years in the fashion industry with product design, crafting the images that would tell the stories of brands. There, I developed my perspective and refined my sense for storytelling until I encountered audiovisual and writing. Understanding cinema as one of the most impactful ways to shape a culture is what drove me to make a rapid career transition. I began working in the video department of VICE Brazil, photographing and editing projects for brands such as Skol, Nike, and Absolut.

I continued diving into documentary and guerrilla cinema, discovering that, through a critical and careful lens, it is indeed possible to tell powerful and sensitive stories. For me, Documentary is an opportunity to experiment with multiple languages and I feel free to create and connect to people. Today, I write, direct, and photograph documentary films and series, advertising, and content projects with a deep and responsible commitment to storytelling, the cinematic tool, and the impact of the stories I tell. Over these years, I have written, directed, and produced 5 TV series, numerous short and feature-length documentaries in Brazil and in more than 30 countries I've had the opportunity to explore. Some of these projects have received international awards.

In advertising content, I have worked with brands such as Corona, Intel, Nike, Mastercard, Roche, Pfizer, and Johnnie Walker. I envision a path that bridges traditional advertising with content where we can delve deeper into the stories we tell.

I am a part of collectives that promote a more inclusive ecosystem such as DAFB, MMA+, "Free The Work," and "Documentaristes." I also engage in collaborations with NGOs and socio-environmental initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the state of the world. Filmmaking has become my way of expressing myself in the world, and that's how I see myself in the future.


“Sobre elas” (15min / 2022)

“Sea Shepherd: Red journey” (12min / 2022)

"Elas dançam com o mar" (10x25min / 2021 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

“Alma Viajante” (10x25min / 2020 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

“Vozes do Vento” (10x25min / 2021 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

“Morando na Estrada”(10x25min / 2019 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

“Surfin Sem Fim” (55min / 2017 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

“Nômades do Mar”(55min / 2017 / Available on GloboPlay, Now)

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